uAntivirus - very good game on Android. Surely you at least once felt the action of a computer virus. Agree, this is to say the least frustrating when all your work goes down the drain. Resist the corrosive effects of computer viruses by using the antivirus software. Already been created interesting games that had to fight off viruses living organism, in particular a human. UAntivirus offers to infiltrate the program antivirus and cure your computer from the harmful effects of a computer virus.

The essence of the game. The game was created as an arcade puzzle game. Events rozvivayutsya in response to the virus. There are three modes and three difficulty levels, and go to the next more difficult level is impossible until it will overcome all obstacles on the previous year. The game is a logical construction.

The basic properties of the game uAntivirus:

· The game works vtreh modes

• Three levels of difficulty, which follow one another

· Provides for special assignments

· An opportunity to comprehend and learn how to use 14 instruments for the treatment of viruses

· 12 viruses, which can overcome

· The ability to edit levels

· Download and play for free of charge!

Negative qualities of the game uAntivirus:

· The game is not translated!

· Graphics leave much to be desired

Summary: The developer only enters the market of computer games, so for the beginner, this game is a very good implementation. Leave your comments, feedback, comments, and it will help developers to improve their products.


Download uAntivirus apk Free 12.37 MB version 1.0

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