Viking Mystery


Viking Mystery - very good puzzle for Android. Vikings - medieval Scandinavian sailors, which narrate the life of the Scandinavian sagas. So in the game you are transported back in those days, to feel like a Viking, which will contribute to the wonderful, in some detail traced pictures based on the Scandinavian sagas. Genre, which made the game does not provide speakers, so action will not, but in front of you will be nominated on the care of the problem to be solved, namely - to find an object or set of objects.

The game has a lot of different levels - some rooms and basements, streets and squares, and other locations where you will need to look for anything that is defined task. Of course, if you do not get, you can use the tips, but do not forget that their number is limited. For those who can get bored, developers have provided mini-games that will distract you from the main gameplay.

Advantages of the game Viking Mystery:

· Levels of exciting and wonderful decorated

· Schedule is detailed and well made

· Large number of levels - more than forty

· Many locations - close to twenty

· An incredible number (500!) To search for objects

· Supports multiple game modes

· You can change the scale there

· Excellent sound design

Disadvantages of the game Viking Mystery:

· Trial version can be downloaded free of charge, full - paid, costs $ 1.

• If you prefer a more dynamic game, you are likely to be bored

Summary: It is a good game, for which you can pay quite a bit only if you like it, and you can check it out by downloading the free trial version.


Download Viking Mystery apk Free 28.21 MB version 1.0.2606

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