Undead vs Plants


Undead vs Plants

- A good puzzle for Android. Are you familiar with the game Plants vs. Zombies?
Let me remind you, in this game with zombies fighting plants in the battles showing remarkable courage. Now the opposite is true - the plants have turned into horrible monsters, evil and insidious, and now to deal with them out of zombies, so you'll play as a zombie that the battlefields will manifest itself as a brave warrior.

Home Your task is to shoot accurately and calculate the trajectory of the bullet so that she got the rebound of an explosive or a trigger. Due to the fact that the game falls into the category of puzzles, a positive result will be very difficult, and with each new level getting harder and harder. Such levels as much as 150 and each of them is original, which makes the game very entertaining. The developers tried and came up with a lot of different places where you will visit BB.

If you are not very concerned about some of the flaws in the graphics and ease of animation, you will enjoy the game.

What's great about the game
Undead vs Plants:

· Fascinating continuation of the previous version

· A large number of original levels

· Learn how to shoot accurately and bounce will be chip, you become the king of the bounce

· Cheesy gameplay

· Play no money!

What's wrong with the game Undead vs Plants:

· Not very good graphics

· Conceptually very similar to the game Stupid Zombies 2

Bottom line: not only the idea, but many developers simply took elements of Stupid Zombies 2, but was unable to do better because it is much greater than the original is not very good copy, in which the graphics are weaker and levels many-fold less, and, for certain considerably less downloads, because many people prefer to play the original game than its not a very good copy.


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