Amazing Alex

Game Logic puzzle puzzles


Amazing Alex - a fun and addictive game for Android, with which you are guaranteed a fun and happy time. You are in the role of the protagonist named Alex great. Angry Birds developers will be able to please you with the masterpiece game. The game's plot is as follows: Gorgeous Alex filled with vitality, like all teenagers can not sit still. His ability in imagination there is no limit. Our hero incredible amount of toys, thanks to which you can have fun playing. Game developers will be able to see you to please stunning physics and gorgeous animation.

In front of you, of course, will be the problem, such as clean up the mess in the room, and for the assignment is necessary to build objects in a domino effect, and you will help to find the right approach. In addition to cleaning the room, you will see interesting and fun job.

Amazing Alex has features:

- An amazing and colorful animation

- Great music

- The possibility of training

- A bit of levels presented in the free version

- Complexity of the game, you only add excitement.

There are minor drawbacks: the game is presented in several different ways - it's a trial with advertising, paid version (less than $ 1) and the version of HD (about $ 5); there was a kind of internal competition that maybe is not so bad.

Well, we can safely say that it is enough fun and entertaining game that you can paddle to spend free time.

Well you play!


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To buy in GooglePlay
Application Type: Paid
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