Dungeon Gems - Treasures Dungeon


Dungeon Gems - Treasures Dungeon - Meet exciting game for Android. Perhaps many do not like Gameloft, since there is a total stamping games in huge quantities, and everywhere in-game purchases are asking. The game refers specifically to the category with the given support and the assembly line, but it should be noted that the game worked well, as it is safe to say that the genre of the game is the most colorful and beautiful.

The game's plot a bit original. This role-playing game with cards, runes and incredible little dangerous dungeon. It can be attributed to the strategy card and fighting the fight take place in colorful action - scenes. Basic Your goal - to create and organize the army of heroes, going to a difficult journey to the dungeon for treasure. Such treasures to get uneasy, as they are guarded and all sorts of dangerous monsters and monsters. Here and orcs, and all kinds of dragons and other monsters. Your combat reserve consists of a set of runes, which occupies the lower part of the screen. Circle the same in order to make combos and attack the enemy, heal, save up for a super-hit. As a result, we can say that everything is quite clear, comfortable and most importantly fun. How and how best to combine the elements, you can find out quickly enough, the more that it will be much more interesting.

Dungeon Gems - Treasures has Dungeon game features

an incredible number of characters
- Blocked

each character is unique, with its own specialization and

there is the possibility of leveling characters

there is a great competition with the prospect of
friends and
have records and
can compete

great game plot, with
elements of fantasy.

There are great pluses of the game: high-quality implementation, colorful, stunning graphics and
effects, and fascinating
exciting gameplay.

There are
game: the presence of in-game purchases, you must be connected to
internet, and consumes a lot of bandwidth.

Bottom line: if you all
Card also like RPG, if
Have no problems with
the Internet,
mandatory play, as the game drags.

Important: The game contains
Path: android / obb



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