Save the Puppies


Save the Puppies - a great game for Android, which will appeal to both adults and children. The game's plot may seem a bit simple, but it is only at first glance. So many puppies were trapped insidious and dangerous kidnapper who earns catching poor doggies. Your main character - a wonderful dachshund, who has decided to do away with the villain once and for all, freeing defenseless puppies. Each level is a maze, each subsequent harder and harder. Every level is different and height, filled with a variety of items that need to be moved. A main challenge ahead - it's sausage. Sausages and lie scattered in your way. Eating sausage dachshund becomes longer and all your confidence a maze turns into a kind of snake, but instead of snake cute dachshund.

Comfortable enough and simple gameplay, great graphics. Levels can please completeness secrets and fascinating puzzles. You can find and collect the golden bone that will bring you extra points for the end of the level.

Save the Puppies has features:

1. Incredible amount of exciting levels

2. Stunning and exciting levels

3. Wonderful animals

4. Bude game interesting for both adults and children

5. Has a unique opportunity to cancel the stroke

6. Works well on tablets and mobile phones

So we can confidently say great graphics, animals, fun gameplay logical process that relaxes, a variety of tasks, exciting and designed levels

Enjoy and to spend your time.


Download Save the Puppies apk Free 25.11 MB version 1.4.1

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