Jewels Flood


Jewels Flood - an incredible puzzle for Android, which does not allow the gray matter in your head cool. Do you have a limited number of moves, diamond fields. Wonderful game only on your mobile device. Game knows several languages: Russian and English, so that you understand no big deal.

Jewels Flood has features:

1. Incredible amount of exciting levels - a lot of them a little 320
2. Stunning graphics
3. Great music and special effects.

You have to play this way: "Precious flood" derives from the upper left corner of the field. Flooding is the upper left of the diamond. Click on a stone under a stone of this field and the same color, which is adjacent to the "precious flood" will also become Diamonds. Here thus increasing their number and increasing. Your flooding will increase with each press of the stone of a certain color. The level is completed when all of the field consists of diamonds.
Your task - to pass the level for the number of moves is not greater than that specified in the beginning of the level.


Download Jewels Flood apk Free 4.22 MB version 1.1.8

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