Diamond Crusher FREE


Diamond Crusher FREE - incredible game on Android, which will delay you in full. Yes, be careful, because the game is addictive, so that it is simply impossible to break away. Home Your goal - to eliminate diamonds in various game modes and risk to break the record. Incredible graphics, stunning design, great sound, colorful animation make the gameplay exciting and interesting.

Here you will find a brand new plan, a new monetary system and enhanced game principle.

Once you have the opportunity to use the services of Google Play games. You can log into your Google account and you need to earn achievements and compete on an equal footing with the favorites.

There is a great classic mode, in which you change on the basis of three two adjacent stone, to destroy a group of three or more diamonds of the same color.

In the crusher, you click on a group of at least three gems to remove them from the playing field.

Do you have a great opportunity to get more time or eyes using special stones and effort in case of overcoming record. Try to make diamonds that will help you in obtaining your important additions.

The game will captivate your free time and you will not be able to finish the game until the record will not be broken.

Diamond Crusher FREE has features:
1. Stunning game modes for everyone here and the classic mode and crushing

2. Stunning special amplifiers that will help you

3. Incredible and dynamic animation

4. Great soundtrack

5. Achievements

You can please:
1. The complete absence of advertising
2. More gems
3. Incredible special amplifiers
4. Stunning game modes rotation and gravity, drop.



Download Diamond Crusher FREE apk Free 36.3 MB version 2.13

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