Cut the Rope 2


Cut the Rope 2 - a great game for Android, which already represented a new and exciting levels with stunning graphics protagonist - Am Nyamom monsters. Importantly, this is free once you have such an opportunity.

The plot of the game is incredible. Our hero went on a journey with incredible adventures. His path will be through the pine forests, deep river, alluring city streets and a little creepy junkyard. You are interested in the question of what he has lost and wants to find? Of course - it's candy. On his way our hero experiences a lot of new friends that will come to him for help in difficult situations.

The game will be good again, and long familiar mechanics. Deftly cut the rope where there cherished candy. Need to be careful as addictive gameplay to the fullest.

Stunning scenery will accompany you the whole game. A fascinating journey through an interactive map, do not miss a single adventure.

You will be pleased with new friends in the game. Already five new characters who are sweet and funny, which have an incredible appearance, incredible character and abilities.

New outfits and costumes for your characters. Dress up your Nyamaa Am. New tests with the mysterious new puzzles.

Full game update, the full enjoyment of the game.

New heroes are in a hurry to meet them:

1. Heli - helicopter, which is always ready to fly to the rescue
2. Lyamzi - with its long tongue you can easily overcome clippings.
3. Blues - unqualified assistant who can get to unprecedented heights in search of candy.
4. Tosya - can pop and candy items using the miracle spring that on his head.
5. Buka - good pugalschik that inspires new feats.

The game works well on tablets, on phones, as well as high resolution support you to get real pleasure from the game.



Download Cut the Rope 2 apk Free 43.82 MB version 1.0.1

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