Miasto SeKretów


Miasto SeKretów - gorgeous version on Android already and with the Polish language. Here our hero acts as a smart and cheerful mole named Krots, who went on an interesting journey in search of his friend Rex. Rex, mysteriously disappeared, falling into a deep dungeon.

The plot takes place in a magical cave - a city with an interesting name

"Poco Pane", which has recently gone through a revolution, the city where'll meet strange personalities pitch mystery difficult to solve riddles. Your journey will fill and conspiracy against the government, which focused
in the city.

Exciting process will be that the game wisely divided into seven diverse locations, it is made to ensure that the player was easier and more interesting to play. Each location designed to trifles, each plot has an interesting and consistent problem.

It is important to note that the game is filled with intelligence, then no rational thinking do not need to think. Walking down the street, you have to turn your head, learning from passersby what order to do that perform interesting tasks and solve puzzles. To put it bluntly, that this quest is interesting in that you'll turn to the real heroes who have their own character, its own nuances that it will not just flat talking head.

The game is logical and balanced in such a way that you do not forget after all, what is its essence. Gameplay "City of Secrets" does not turn into stupid quest of an object, and therefore do not get bored - contribute to this kind of mini-games, which are also part of the game.

Miasto SeKret will be of interest to both professionals passage quests, as well as beginners. Connoisseurs of this genre will be satisfied with their jobs and passing, not make them any difficulty. But perhaps it will be that what - the job will be difficult, then come to the aid bulb - a hint. Tips are interesting in that - you hint at the top solution, and only then, prompt, and if this would be difficulty for you, then on your screen will show the text with the problem.

It should be noted that the quest is accompanied by a great sense of humor and positive. Those who have ever when - ever faced with this and the real bureaucracy, just to understand and appreciate the subtle humor and hints. Absolutely all these dialogues and adapted to our audience, with the mentality of our humor that makes the game fun. Importantly, and voice at a high level, since all characters speak in different voices. Do not miss the conversations, even if they are long, as there may be hidden clues.

Lots of useful information will discover, during the passage of the quest. Including learn why moles do not eat cheese, that can be changed on the beets, how to get to the mayor how to cook Trojan Elephant.

Awesome game that capture all your free time, so be vigilant.



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