Mushbits Adventures


Mushbits Adventures - Mashbity - great positive play on Android, which will captivate all your free time. Mushbits Adventures pleasure lovers of logic games.

The task is simple, but very addictive. Make it so that "Rabbits" could eat colored mushrooms, but there need to those that match the color of the rabbit. Need to pave their way, or rather, each of them draw a stroke on the tiles. After our walk through the hero color tile, it will leave its trace color. And each successive path, you must pass through a corresponding color. For example, blue rabbit blue line, etc.

The task is complicated with each level, the emergence of entirely new tiles that may move and connect to others. You can view your number of moves that are visible at the top, and you need to pass the level, to get even more points.
Rabbits are friendly and able to help each other to achieve victory.

Mushbits Adventures has features:
1. cute characters of the game
2. incredible colorful graphics and great music
3. addictive gameplay
4. a large number of them 30-levels and an additional 3 bonus
5. completely free game.


Download Mushbits Adventures apk Free 16.7 MB version 1.0.1

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