Where is my jelly!


Where is my jelly! - Great puzzle for Android

Where is my jelly. Have a good appetite, because you'll need it. What a treat awaits you from absorbing jelly drops. You need to create
global chain reaction for
to enjoy the goodies and completely clear the board. Each colored droplet has its own character, so it all depends on its color. Thus, the red quickly explode with a light touch and the explosion of their pieces scatter in different directions, having a chain reaction. Oh, there are green and blue beads is not as easy to blow up, there's no need for one-touch blast.

Interest in the game is that you need at each level in 2 - 3 Touch to clear the playing field. But do not worry, for you to come to the aid tips explosion when the options run out, and the field has not yet cleared.

In its own game Where is my jelly! - Simple, does not make any difficulties, perfectly brighten your free time.


Download Where is my jelly! apk Free 9.83 MB version 1.1

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