Stack Rabbit


Stack Rabbit - Rabbit incredible adventure on Android. The official application

Disney in Russian. The incredible puzzle game from the creators of "crocodile Swamp" and the company's Disney, which make you think they do not get caught
into the clutches of a severe Max, who lives on a farm. Everything was fine as long as his sister had not gone on vacation, leaving him little playful
rabbits who constantly want to eat. And in order to feed a pack of leverets, collect vegetables on a nearby farm, but you need to remember about the evil dog, Max.

Stack Rabbit has features:

1. proactively move, stack and combine vegetables with 65 exciting levels of free

2. Solve puzzles with rabbit Ben

3. Create your own recipes, miksuya vegetables, collecting all that is possible!

4. continuous movement through obstacles

5. try to become a favorite game with bonuses

It is important to note that for some bonuses, extra pay.


Download Stack Rabbit apk Free 27.79 MB version 1.2.2

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