Bouncy Bill Halloween


Bouncy Bill Halloween - amazing puzzle game for Android

with the mystical-themed Halloween. Arcade toy, in which your task is to help hold dear
cherepashonka Bill on the platforms to the desired location.

Complicating the task and the fact that Billy could just hop on the spot, he was enchanted and can not play football, swim and safely implanted life. To curse was lifted, it needs to go on a trip, where he will be able to help.

Need help dear cherepashonku, jump on
platforms, go through all the worlds and reach his goal - Zorica wizard. Platform completely different: slippery, crush, moving, platforms - teleportatory and beyond. Exciting journey waiting for you, a lot of jumps, teleportation and pleasant difficulties. Take the time to help him, otherwise the Bill will have no choice as to ride in one place.

And most importantly, the game fully supports the theme of the mystical and intriguing holiday of Halloween with all the alleged attributes and stunning music.


Download Bouncy Bill Halloween apk Free 9.28 MB version 1.0.3

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