City tycoon - asphalt puzzle!


City tycoon - asphalt puzzle! - Meet the ultimate game on Android with incredible adventures. Suddenly, on the island were discovered oil reserves. The required oil refineries have been constructed, but unfortunately forgot the way, but do not forget about the materials that will help her rebuild. Rotate the structural elements, that connect to the source of gas, fuel, to build a railroad, asphalt roads. Great game on logic, a good storm for the brain.

A large number of levels, the passage of each will make you oh so think carefully. Perhaps it will be that that - that does not work, then use the tip, but not often, no action «cpu» can not do.

Great graphics, great quality, masonry and asphalt
etc. For the puzzle, with
music is just super.

For maximum set of points to spend on the assembly of the puzzle least amount of time and rotations, keeping in mind that the road itself can go beyond the screen, returning from the opposite side.

Do not hesitate and try to collect all the puzzles, and do not think that everything will be very easy.

Stunning new 175 puzzles in five collections.

Enjoy your storm drain!

Download City tycoon - asphalt puzzle! apk Free 18.29 MB version 1.0

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