Gish Reloaded Free


Gish Reloaded Free - excellent continuing adventures of unseen creatures on Android.

The game is a very active genre. Crawl, roll, in order to overcome obstacles successfully fight the enemies, solve difficult puzzles - in a word is not boring.

The ability of our hero worthy. Its tack and the ability to adhere to the walls, to allow it to climb them, including the ceiling. The game was not for fun, if it would have been so simple, and there is a slippery surface to which it does not stick, and you need to jump over. If the hero must jump high, it can become elastic like a ball and jump, respectively.

Convenient operation, excellent graphics, the passage levels will be interesting.

Enjoy the process of game with colorful graphics, the more that the toy is suitable for any Soup performance.
Good luck!


Download Gish Reloaded Free apk Free 624 KB version 1.2.1

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