Puzzles with Matches


Puzzles with Matches - great puzzle game with matches on Android. A wonderful, very exciting game for logical thinking, which is played for generations.

Well-known rules of the game, the simplicity of which is that you can see the figure of a few matches, but it's not perfect. The problem is that it is necessary to remove, add, move one or more matches have to perform the task. Figure is over, but do not leave unused matches.

With each level the game becomes more difficult, and therefore more interesting. Here 150 200 + puzzles. Perhaps it will be that you need a hint here of unlimited amount, thus making can be somewhat

and not always the tooltip shows the right decision.
To get a clue to the menu button Solution.

Features Puzzles with Matches:

1 will appreciate easy control and nice graphics games;

ease of gameplay and complexity with each successive level;

olee than 120 levels, at what amount of which increases with each update;

Job options: remove, add, move the matches;

various forms of tasks;

Compulsory compliance with the conditions - that the use of all matches, and we must try to achieve a result in the minimum number of moves, and much more.

unlimited number of clues in the form of ready solutions.

And let the luck will smile to you!


Download Puzzles with Matches apk Free 2.77 MB version 1.5.4

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