Where's My Water?


Where's My Water? - Completely free version of the game for android all of us loved Swamp. A great puzzle of crocodile that lives under the city and loves to take a bath. There were 10 different puzzles that are available in the full version.

A wonderful and very mysterious duck cooked for crocodile Swamp interesting test. The difference of the game is that there will have to collect a wide variety of ducks. Excellent test for all 10 absolutely free levels. Will discover the following free levels, collecting all the ducks.

The full version of the game "Swamp crocodiles" is more than 350 challenging levels, and interesting characters.

Swamp live their lives under the town. He's curious, he's great, he chistyulya, but not the same as all his friends are the crocodiles. Swamp friends do not understand and do not approve of his position of cleanliness and neatness, they are infinitely stand in his way, preventing him from swimming. We need to help correct the damage to the soul of crocodiles.

It's hard to find someone who would be this wonderful toy would not have their liking.

Excellent physical puzzle to think through a strategy that will make your game. The feed, it is necessary to closely monitor the condition of the water, provided that it is not polluted with all sorts of toxins and bacteria, as well as protect from the various traps.

It is important to note that you are waiting for a completely free upgrade and more than 200 puzzles.

It will be fun, very peace-loving alligator, he likes to take a bath with your favorite rubber ducky. The full version gives you whiter than 200 levels, collect all the rubber ducks and then open a whole new puzzles and bonus levels, while constantly go free updates!

Evil Krank prepared insidious test for our beloved hero. Stirring constantly swim dear Swamp, vechnogolodny villain Krank is ready to eat anything but vegetables. All his food in the mud, so use the poisonous water, which he used to clean food. 40 levels of "Crank Stories." Featuring graphics, funny moments in the game does not make you bored.

Excellent exciting toy that will not allow it to come off!


Download Where's My Water? apk Free 48.58 MB version 1.8.0

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