Twitter - social networking on Android, not so, however, popular as Facebook, but still at least 50 million subscribers use it regularly to share their news, or learn something new from other users. For millions of loyal users of Twitter, this network has become a kind of religion communications. Bird, like a pigeon has become a symbol of Twitter.

The global Internet, through which operates Twitter helps momentary spread news, because if some news hit the Twitter, which means that it localized in a few minutes on the other side of the planet. News travels faster than they can provide the media, so in some countries, such as Turkey Twitter banned by the Government.

Twitter is very popular among various celebrities, especially among representatives of show business, because it is convenient to place the information on the promotion of albums or other projects. Also you can chat with your favorite performers. The question is, and if they want to respond to your messages.

Anyway Twitter - it is an opportunity to share their news, if you have, and plunge into the ocean mostly gossip from your emotional friends. To facilitate the search for friends and acquaintances or just interesting interlocutors, Twitter recently established and intensified cooperation with other social networks.

This app is for you if you like to rotate in the most guschey fresh news.

Download Twitter apk Free 9.82 MB version 5.6.0

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