Pikabu - we all know that a huge amount of resources on the Internet are different in that they have a certain auditoriyu.K Sorry, but the audience is not always comfortable to use all and in full version of the website on your Android, and especially if it's a phone. To be fair, the mobile versions of many websites quite convenient, but do not forget about their problems, that, unfortunately, has not been spared us.

To say about the pros mobile version Pikabu:

1. The main thing is that it is mobile, which means comfortable use on your phone

2. Pleasant themes, including light and dark

3. Has the ability to change font size

4. You have the option to download and read the news, even when there is no access to the internet

5. Great opportunity to post to social networks directly from your phone

6. Completely free app that contains no ads.

There are some minor cons program Pikabu:

1. If you wish to read or download the offline news, unfortunately, but there are problems with using the display of images, but it is likely that developers will be able to rectify the situation

2. Unfortunately, but little functional application trimmed, compared to the conventional use of the site.

So, as we see less minuses than pluses. In the near future, all bugs thing of the past, or will another application.


Download Pikabu apk Free 244 KB version 2.5

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