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Now smartphones Galaxy S4 and S4 mini Black Edition there in black - beautiful and wonderful Samsung, which pleases us beautiful color schemes for its smartphones, not to mention the female line of La Fleur with flowers.

In states banned the sale of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

California Court Judge Lucy Koh has imposed a temporary veto on the sale of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the states. This decision is fully satisfied the requirement of Apple, which says that the smartphone has been copied to the iPhone. This is the second court victory for Apple in patent war with Samsung for less than a week. The same Judge Lucy Koh June 26 banned the sale of the tablet Galaxy Tab, which, according to Apple, repeats iPad.

The second top Android Android smartphone, which replaced the Galaxy S (I9000) . It follows the same concept and received several significant updates. Among them, the improved corporate interface Touch Wiz, doubled "RAM" (up to 1 GB), used a 2-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, Android 2.3.