Arcade on Android

Super slime Ben - a dynamic platform game for android, in which you have to lead the hero higher and higher, overcoming obstacles and defeating the treacherous slime. Quite difficult levels that need to be carried out by alien superheroes are full of traps and dangers, such as, for example, disappearing blocks or laser beams.

Escape ball is a game for the android platform, which will require good reflexes and observation from you, because driving the ball along a difficult and endless track, you need to tap the screen in time so that the ball performs side-to-side turns and does not roll off the road. To carry the ball on the road to the greatest possible distance is quite a difficult task.

Super mushrooms is an android platform game in which dangerous bacteria are trying to get into the house, and you shouldn’t let them do it, so you need to place various mushrooms of different properties and skills in the path of bacteria using a pinball mechanism. The pipes should be protected, because it is bacteria that aspire to them.

Barbie dreamhouse adventures is a fun android platform game in which the popular Barbie doll help Barbie and her friends move to a new home that you need to build. You need to decorate each room, which will require your own interior design. Prepare for parties, prepare in the kitchen a variety of treats



Gaia is an android platform game in which a small but brave girl, who is ten years old, fell into a large forest. You have to help her out of there, overcoming various obstacles. You need to lead the girl through beautiful locations, freeing the forest from horrible creatures, saving cute animals and defeating predators

Tic tac quest is an android platform game based on the tic-tac-toe game mechanic, but you need to set three heroes into the playing field cells to defeat the enemies who have entered the castle. You need to think through your moves and build the lines of heroes so that they have the opportunity

The last runner is an android platform game in which the main character, young adventurer Rey, wants to find treasures in an abandoned city and reveal its secrets. You need to help him and take a runner who has the skills of parkour through the streets, rooftops and other locations of the abandoned metropolis.

Jet knight is a game for android platform, in which you along with a brave knight will conquer high towers, which consist of many floors, each of which has an opening for passage to the top. You can control the knight's climbing higher and higher with the help of a jet pack, but do not forget to overcome obstacles

Mental taxi simulator: Taxi game is an android platform game in which you can become the fastest taxi driver in the city, driving fast through the streets of the megalopolis, picking up passengers and delivering them to their destination. You can accelerate to insane speed, perform dizzying jumps, take turns in the drift

Wacky stars: Multiplayer spiral jump arcade - a dynamic platform game for android, in which you will succeed, thanks to the speed of your fingers and good reflexes. You need to manage a funny character who jumped from the top of the tower. Your task is to help him overcome the greatest distance to get to the lower floor of the tower

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