Download for free zombies On Android

Last another day is a game for the android platform in which you will not only have to survive in the world with the consequences of the zombie virus epidemic, but also to save the surviving people, and to win in the battles with monsters. People infected with the virus become zombies and lead the hunt for those who have not yet suffered. You need to build safe havens

Last hope sniper: Zombie war - a game for the android platform, in which you will be the role of the avenger, who must clean the town of zombies, keeping fears of civilians. Performing complex missions, demonstrate your skills. To destroy the zombies, you must hit a zombie in the head or other life-saving place

Kill shot virus - a game for the android platform, in which you need to stop the zombie apocalypse, destroying with the help of modern weapons disgusting zombies on the streets of the city, which is struck by a zombie virus that turns the city's population into bloodthirsty monsters. Your task is to find and save from the death of people who have not yet been hit by a deadly virus

Zombie offroad safari is a platform game for android that will take you to a post-apocalyptic world where you will race off-road, driving a truck or other powerful vehicle. Crowds of bloodthirsty cunning monsters will block your path, and you, to deal with them

School girls simulator - a game for the android platform, in which you will again deal with the crafty zombies. But this time you have to help the schoolgirl solve her numerous problems and overcome the dangers, including the destruction of zombies wandering around the school corridors and classes

Dead warfare: Zombie - a great rpg on Android device in which you need to survive in the fight against zombie monsters during the zombie apocalypse. You need to lead a group of survivors and take on zombie monsters. Your characters can have different unique skills. You need to be cured of a terrible zombie virus, for this you must reach the laboratory

Zombie chase - a game for the android platform will bring you a post apocalyptic world in which your character has to survive, only running away from the disgusting zombies, because it has no weapons, and the walking dead haunt him everywhere. - Your task is to move your character around the screen in such a way as to avoid collision with the zombies

Undead City Run - a game for android platform, implemented by the developer in the genre of classical Kongregate runner in which you will run from the zombies. As is known, the industry of computer entertainment have made a lot of runners, in particular, about zombies runners that we are no longer paying attention to them

Zombidle - game for android developers a platform from Berzerk Studio, it's a clicker, besides quite banal, is not original. But let's all in order. Home is your task - to become the bad guy

Stupid Zombies 3 - Dying Light - a game for android platform from the developer GameResort, which is the third part of a series of games. The emergence of the third part - the process is completely natural, because the other parts have gained wide popularity, each with nearly 50 million downloads