Strategies for Android

Runegate heroes - a game for the android platform. At your disposal are various characters. You need to collect a strong detachment of 5 heroes and lead him into battle against enemy units, defending his gates and destroying the enemy's gates. For success, you need to develop a tactic that takes into account the strengths of your unit

Game of sultans - a game for the android platform, in which you can change the course of history, becoming the ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Your task, as the Sultan, to study and conquer new lands, to wage war and trade, establish diplomatic relations with neighboring countries, hire military leaders and dignitaries

Last convoy: Tower offense - a game for the android platform, in which you will become a military tactician, leading an escort through fortified positions of the enemy. Your task is to choose the way for the convoy's movement, to break through the enemy's defenses and destroy the enemy's towers along the road, by firing on them and by automatic turrets

Total warfare: Epic three kingdoms is a platform game for android that invites you to the era of the Three Kingdoms, where you have to create a powerful empire. To do this, you need to study the land for the availability of valuable resources, allies and enemies, conquer new lands, build and strengthen cities, develop the economy

Asia empire 2027 is a fascinating platform game for android that will take you ten years to come, in the near future. Your task is to create an empire embracing the whole of Asia, becoming the leader of the country as a result of the uprising. Your country must dominate the region. To achieve this, use economic

World of empires is a platform game for android that offers you to become an experienced ruler and general and achieve world domination using diplomatic and military methods. You need to create and develop your own civilization, starting from one city. Your civilization must pass through different historical epochs

Whambam warriors: Puzzle RPG is a platform game for android, in which you take part in frantic battles, cleaning towers from monsters and placed traps. You need to organize a detachment of fearless heroes and lead him into battle. You need to calculate each step, because the mistakenly chosen time for the attack will lead to the death of the detachment

War streets: New 3D realtime strategy game is a platform game for android that will take you to the location of a large medieval city where street battles await you. You need to build a base, hire fighters and choose one of the factions - "Royal Hunt" or "Street View", on the side of which you will fight

Survival tactics is an exciting platform game for android, in which you can become a general with tactics of fighting, as well as a competent ruler who skillfully manages the development of his city. You will take part in a global military conflict and will be able to capture many cities, such as New York, Berlin, Shanghai

Skylanders: Ring of heroes is an interesting platform game for android that invites you to travel around the flying islands. You need to form a team of strong heroes, cunning villains, monsters and other peculiar characters and engage in a battle with a strong enemy

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