Card games for Android

Klondike Solitaire - a game for the Android platform, the advanced card game, which in its classic version won many millions of users around the world and became one of the most popular solitaire games

MORTAL KOMBAT X - collectible card game for android platform offers to witness the ruthless, but at the same time expressive and colorful battles. You need to assemble a team of the best fighters to take part in a deadly battle, the greatest tournament of the planet

Infinite myths: Online card game - a magical world of this game for the Android platform is able to fully capture your attention and time. You need to assemble a collection of maps, which depict various gods and mythical creatures, combine them in such a way as to obtain an unbeatable team of heroes

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft - at first glance the game is simple, but very fun and exciting, both novice and dock in gambling strategies on Android. If you are - beginner, then very quickly get comfortable with the cards, because the game starts with simple

Richman 4 fun - a great board game for Android, from Asian developers SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC. The game is similar to Monopoly, you need to become a millionaire and buy up all the possible objects, for this you need to use multiple cards and dice to know the number of moves

The Hunger Games: Panem Rising - card role playing game for Android, made ​​based on the movie "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Part 1 ". Take part in the fight and help Katniss gather under the banners of the rebels quarters Panem

Order and Chaos Duels - a terrific game for Android, which is exciting to be able to help you pass the time. Order and Chaos Duels quickly accustomed owners of Androids, and their number is almost five million downloads, it is safe to be called a success. This means that there is always a lot of players

Pirates Age - Card Battle Game - Meet the wonderful and exciting game of incredible adventures Android. Go to an incredible journey filled with exciting adventures.

Star Wars: Assault Team - Awesome card RPG game on Android with their favorite already heroes of movie Star Wars. You are able to assemble a team of heroes that you are close to the heart and the state of your soul. You have the power improve their weapons and their skills.

Epic Arena - addictive game for Android with stunning colorful story. Show your talent, show your strategic opportunities and join the battle with worthy of your players on the global battlefield Epic Arena.

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