Order and Chaos Duels


Order and Chaos Duels - a terrific game for Android, which is exciting to be able to help you pass the time. Order and Chaos Duels quickly accustomed owners of Androids, and their number is almost five million downloads, it is safe to be called a success. This means that there is always a lot of players who do not mind to have fun.

Your main task - to you and your opponent to hand out a deck of cards, which will be your main weapon. You'll use the magic power of the characters and other features. The important thing is that you need to be very careful and think about their game strategy, considering every move and opponents. Each level offers more and more opportunities, and over time you collect your own deck that will help you become the best and unbeatable.

Order and Chaos Duels has features:

- An incredible number of cards only for your personal collection, each is unique and beautiful, and there are over 300

- A variety of effects, you will not be pampered, but those that have are gorgeous

- Awesome all the content that a lot of fun

- Great battle online

- Be strong and free world on land Haradona

There are minor drawbacks: the game is not bad, but not quite up to date, there Donat, but what to do.

The game is available on Android, the developer is working on improvements.



Download Order and Chaos Duels apk Free 33.41 MB version 1.7.1d

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