Spider solitaire


Spider solitaire - the most demanded game Spider Solitaire for Android. It is safe to say that it is not only the most common logic card game, but the most common solitaire users of mobile devices based on Android. Exciting game for unfolding maps will help you pass the time interesting.

Quite simple rules of the game, but based on the fact that it is the logic of the game, you will need to try to spread this solitaire game to the end. Be careful because the wrong move can disrupt your logic chain and lead to the fact that the legal move is not sufficient for a complete alignment of and will have to start again.

Under the rules of the game balance of cards from left to right so that you vyshlo10 columns. The first columns on the account for 6 cards, and account for the remaining columns of 5 cards. On the right you will see four groups of cards of 10 pieces that will come to your aid when the allowable moves in a logical chain ends.

The game is suitable for both novices and pros, because there are levels of complexity, namely: beginners, use the cards of the same suit on - harder of the two suits, and four for the pros. Naturally, the more colors in the game, so it is more complicated and more interesting. If you decide to play in one suit, then you need to map the highest dignity to put less dignity. Here in the game the king is the highest card and the same with her and starts, and the ace lowest card, which is placed on the deuce. A number of cards removed, freeing the board. Using two or more suits, the rules do not change, but the folding columns, the colors alternate.

Great game, with quality design, takes all your free time.


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