Dinotrux: Trux it up!

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Dinotrux:! Trux it up - a very interesting adventure game for android platform from Fox Sheep developer, which takes you into the world of mechanized dinosaurs-builders. The game is based on the story of the cartoon Dinotrux produced in 2009, which for some reason did not become very popular, but Netflix studio this year gave him a new life.

The game is aimed at children, and the main task - to lead the dinosaurs, explore the world and carry out different tasks. During the game you have to build a city of the dinosaurs, where cartoon characters are the builders. They are only five that children are enough. Since mechanized dinosaurs, they can be described as poluroboty, poludinozavry. You have to break, move, smash, lift, as well as to defend their buildings from the evil D-Staktov. Playing in the mini-game, you'll get to know the characters and learn how to fix it.

Basic properties Dinotrux game: Trux it up!:

- An extensive well-crafted world

- The original characters of the cartoon

- A lot of work to perform

- Lack of Donati

Negative properties Dinotrux game: Trux it up!:

- The game paid - the price of about three dollars

- There is no trial version

- Not the most popular topic for game project

Summary: your child will surely get pleasure from the game, if he knows and loves cartoon Dinotrux, but if you do not know, better check with him if he wants to spend time playing with the dinosaurs.

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