Cranky road


Cranky road - a game for Android from the developer Indigo Bunting platform, made ​​in the genre of arcade. Your task is to manage the rapid wagon which is moving at a very winding and narrow road, and on the way to collect the money. This is the whole idea of ​​what is happening, it is very easy to understand.

The gameplay is clear, you will be just in time to turn. The road, though narrow, but conditionally divided into three bands, yet it is infinite. From time to time the speed of the wagon movement will increase.

What is interesting? - you ask. - There are no obstacles. Each turn - this is the main obstacle, because it pass at high speed is quite problematic, so the first impression is that the game is boring, is erroneous. Money, which are scattered all over the road at its different bands and who need to collect - this is another factor that causes the desire to return to play again and again. In the late arrival is considered only collected a sum of money, neither time nor distance. For the collected money you can unlock other ways, which differ mainly in color, and buy other cars.

The main properties of the game Cranky road:

- Intelligible gameplay

- A large number of cars to choose from

- Clear and easy control

- Player stats, possessing the largest sums of money

- Total absence of Donati

Negative characteristics of the game Cranky road:

- The presence of advertising, which can be turned off by paying $ 2

Summary: a great opportunity to pass the time, although at first glance the game may seem too simple, but it seems not for long.


Download Cranky road apk Free 26.76 MB version 1.0.0

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