Tracky Train


Tracky Train - action game for android platform from the developer Crash Lab Limited, realized in the genre runner in which you have to lay the rails, so that he could drive a passenger train. The danger is that you will be putting the rails in front of the train, which at any moment might overtake you. The game is made in pixel art and has already received nearly a hundred thousand subscribers, despite the fact that this is the first project developer.

Despite the fact that the playing field has no boundaries, landscapes still follow each other, and presented the world contains obstacles and barriers. You need to lay the rails so that they are in close proximity to the passengers, who are in different places, so that the train could stop and pick them up. Then passengers will disembark at the station to which you must also have time to lay the rails. Then only you will earn money for the passengers. Generally, you can earn as much money-that's the main task in the game. There are two ways: you can pick up the money on the road and earn a passenger, as discussed above. The money earned can be spent on upgrading trains to increase passenger traffic to other necessary elements, which can also be purchased for Donat. It should be noted that a limited number of passengers placed in train, so the increase in passenger traffic - a very topical issue.

The game is over if the train will crush you, and this can happen if the railing, you bump into an obstacle and lose time. Several of these collisions and train you to be crushed.

Summary: dynamic, original and fun gameplay, which can not not like it, the more that the developer is constantly improving its product.


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