Wizard Swipe


Wizard Swipe - free game for android platform, implemented a new developer Niceplay Games in the genre of arcade. The game, which will allow you to just relax and have a good time.

In the game there is no storyline, there are a kind of closed the gates leading to the castle. These gates are attacking the crowd of skeletons, and the magician hiding behind the gate (that's you), which throws them into balls of fire to destroy. Therefore, open the gate in any case impossible. The strength of the gate is measured by the scale of life. Once the skeletons get to the gate and begin to break them, the number of lives decreases. Your mage is improved by pumping strength of their attacks, and opens up new spells, which allow it to deal more quickly with the skeletons. You need to find a book of spells, to develop even more. The levels are randomly generated, and each time the skeletons are also becoming stronger. The game, therefore, is divided into an unlimited number of levels.

The game is framed not in the beautiful style of pixel art, which many people like, and in the schedule of the 90's, maybe it's retro style, but all have been estranged from him. The game boasts of control, which is made very simple and clear as throwing balls built on swipe.

The main properties of the game Wizard Swipe:

- A simple gameplay is easy to understand

- Random generation of levels, that is not boring

- The opportunity to become the master of the five elements

- Simple, convenient and intuitive control

- Side quests, which are provided for the award

- The opportunity to fight with the powerful bosses

- For the game do not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Wizard Swipe:

- The presence of Donati

- Excessive retro-style graphics

Summary: very good killer of free time, a role with which the game works fine, but given the fact that for it not to be paid, you can download if you want it design.


Download Wizard Swipe apk Free 28.14 MB version 1.0.11

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