Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush


Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush - game for android platform, implemented by the developer in the genre of classic runner.

Gameplay is built on a poor, but still the story line, in accordance with which the evil wants to dominate the world, and you should not allow it to him, joining a team of fighters against evil in the name of saving the world. The basis for the game plot points are the eponymous animated series Thunderbirds Are Go, which premiered last year. If you look at least a few episodes of the animated series, the runner will be better understood and will gain more meaning. On the routes on which you run, there's a fork, but there are no signs, so you have to rely on their intuition and memory to remember the wrong options.

This runner is slightly different from the classic game projects that your run will not be aimless and endless. The game consists of stages, each of which includes a number of specific job, which, unfortunately, no different variety. In case of failure you will not have to start all over again, because you will have a few lives.

The main properties of the game Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush:

- Slightly updated classic runner

- Beautifully drawn locations

- The characters - heroes of the same cartoon

- A lot of plot coincidences

- The opportunity to fight with the powerful bosses

Negative characteristics of the game Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush:

- The presence of Donati

Summary: Many developers are trying to somehow refresh quite a hackneyed genre of runners, but to do so with the help of not very popular cartoon - not the best idea, though I must admit that the game is good in its genre.


Download Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush apk Free 43.44 MB version 1.0.1

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