Monkey Rope - Endless Jumper


Monkey Rope - Endless Jumper - game for android platform, realized in the genre with elements of runner jumper. You will manage a monkey that jumps from vine to vine, with one purpose - without falling, to go as far as possible.

The location, which is a jungle with palm trees and vines, and a small rivulet, which are found in sharks. If your monkey fall into the river, the shark will eat it immediately. The next difficulty is that the location is moving, so do not have to wait for the right moment to jump, swinging on a vine. In addition, between the vines often come across various obstacles. If you are a monkey will not have time to overcome them, the monkey will fall into the river. It also falls into the river to the shark, if not doprygnet with vines on the vine, which is not easy.

Number of passed flown and the number of collected coins to determine the result of the game. For coins you can unlock new characters and some change the look of the location. Using Donat, you can unlock the characters much faster. You are waiting for the prizes, if you open the boxes.

The main properties of the game Monkey Rope - Endless Jumper:

- The gameplay is quite a high level of complexity

- It is necessary to overcome the endless path

- Beautiful design in the pixel-art graphics

- A lot of characters - 30

- For the game do not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Monkey Rope - Endless Jumper:

- There is little Donati

- The presence of advertising

Summary: The game Monkey Rope - Endless Jumper is a fairly typical representative of the genre, the main thing that sets it apart from many competitors - high complexity and virtually unlimited opportunities to improve their skills!


Download Monkey Rope - Endless Jumper apk Free 32.95 MB version 1.0

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