Undead City Run


Undead City Run - a game for android platform, implemented by the developer in the genre of classical Kongregate runner in which you will run from the zombies. As is known, the industry of computer entertainment have made a lot of runners, in particular, about zombies runners that we are no longer paying attention to them and began podzabyvat the existence of these game projects. The developer has decided to remind us.

So the gameplay is clear to all who are familiar with the genre of zombie runner. Let me remind those who have forgotten. Events taking place in the city after the apocalypse, so the three-lane road on which you need to run forward, everywhere littered with some safety signs, abandoned cars and zombies. Zavala can work around the side, under some can crawl, some jump. Along the way, it is necessary to collect coins and a must! gain that will help deal with the zombies. It can be a tennis racket or ax and shield boosters, items that will be useful. Coins can be spent on unlocking new characters. It should be noted that each character has a certain set of skills and abilities.

Available in the game checkpoint distinguishes it from similar projects and gives it a certain feature. Checkpoint - the opportunity each time not to start the game from the beginning and continue. How does he work? On the right side of the screen is filled with the scale during the run. You run so far to the crossroads, when the scale is completely filled, and then select the direction of travel: Right turn - continue to play, the left - will be preserved. You have the opportunity to speak in another incarnation, that is, turn into zombies and start the hunt for brains.

The main properties of Undead City Run game:

- Active and familiar gameplay

- Conducting various competitions

- A large number of interesting characters

- The possibility to use vehicles to accelerate

- A wide arsenal of weapons

- The best results are recorded in the leaderboard

Negative properties Undead City Run game:

- The presence of Donati

- The presence of advertising

Summary: A great classic runner, a little refreshed with new features, a great opportunity to spend time for fans of the genre.


Download Undead City Run apk Free 64.68 MB version 0.1.2

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