Bushido Bear


Bushido Bear - a game for android platform, the developer Spry Fox LLC in the genre of slasher. The peculiarity of this genre is that the game is either very popular, as, for example, Fruit Ninja, or betray their complete oblivion, the average is not given.

The main character - it is almost invincible warrior, thanks to the symbiosis of power and bear ninja. Not knowing who they are dealing, any unreasonable enemies decided to attack him, and the moment when they appear on the screen, you should hold the path to the main character, in which it held, waving arms and hitting the enemy, it is better - all in a single pass. For that you get the maximum number of points. The path does not pass through the enemy, and only there. Over time, the opponents will be more actively move and become more and more, that will complicate the job.

Train to better perform tasks and get bonuses.

The main properties of the game Bushido Bear:

- Gameplay is simple and straightforward

- Discreet level of complexity

- Registration with a nice graphics and easy control

- The ability to unlock the positive characters

Negative characteristics of the game Bushido Bear:

- A slight Donat

Summary: the game project, embodied in a good slasher. Despite some uniformity, which, incidentally, is characteristic of the genre, the game contains a fancy chips that make it more fun.


Download Bushido Bear apk Free 57.31 MB version 00.08.00

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