Lineage War-Global 3D ARPG

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Lineage War-Global 3D ARPG - active role-playing game for the android platform from the developer ENJOY GAME INC. For the developer it is the first game project, which proved to be quite successful. The main competitive advantage of the game - the presence of an open world, the truth is not quite full, and one that supports the platform.

In terms of openness to create something innovative developers has not yet happened, but there is a city where you can meet other players, and there is a universal battle involving typical characters.

Classes of characters, weapons, armor, magic, such as other gaming projects of this genre, but there are new features that you will surely enjoy. The storyline, despite the typically built quite interesting to be able to captivate you and your friends with whom you will interact, for a long time. Interesting jobs make the gameplay quite active.

Today it is difficult to surprise the discerning user to design good graphics, but in the game it is such a friendly controls, but not without the usual difficulties.

The main properties of the game Lineage War-Global 3D ARPG:

- Declared as action - RPG with open world

- Registration with a good graphics

- Easy control

- The opportunity to participate in global online battles

- A typical set of characters

- A wide range of skills and special skills

- A large arsenal of weapons and armor

- The ability to use magic

Negative characteristics of the game Lineage War-Global 3D ARPG:

- Volumetric Donat

- Support only two languages ​​- Chinese and English

Summary: very good project, despite the fact that it can not be called a breakthrough in the gaming industry, but it is certainly deserves your attention.


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