Campaign Clicker

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Campaign Clicker - game for android platform, realized in the genre of the clicker, but not hackneyed theme of zombies, but on a very current topic US presidential elections. In the election campaign we faced two parties - the Democrats and the Republicans.

Republican Party rather conservative, its members are followers of the first President Abraham Lincoln. The program of the Republican Party demands lower taxes and offers a fairly aggressive foreign policy. In the presidential elections of 2016 the candidate of the Republican Party is Donald Trump.

Democrats liberal, represent the interests of ordinary people and minorities, have the support of trade unions. Democratic candidate for election in 2016 is Hillary Clinton.

You need to choose their candidate, and then wipe the screen to the hole, so he won, or dropped candidate opposing party rating, because with every tap of the screen you get the money for the election campaign and new followers. For the money you need to pump his campaign, while each new click brings more money and voters. Using tape of Twitter real candidates, you can expand its capabilities.

The main properties of the game Campaign Clicker:

- Fun gameplay on a true story

- Difficult choices -respublikantsy or Democrats

- Pixel perfect design

Negative characteristics of the game Campaign Clicker:

- Donat

Summary: a great clicker, firstly, because it offers relevant and interesting subject, and secondly, because it is implemented in accordance with the rules of the genre.


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