Super Mustache platformer


Super Mustache platformer - a game for android in the genre of platforming platform, a successful project from the developer Serkan Bakar, representing a modern version of the famous game "Mario."

Since the game is a platformer, you have to jump, and collect coins from time to time with different monsters to fight robots. Levels feature a variety of mechanisms and complexities. No need to jump on your head, you can just shoot a blaster, the number of rounds for which is limited, and your hero has only three lives.

According to the storyline events in the game take place in 2040. At this time, for the study of distant planet Uranus Gladius robot was sent from Earth. The robot has been very enterprising and mastered on a distant planet, declared it his kingdom, and then gathered an army began to threaten our planet, where he was born. Your hero, brave barbel becomes to protect the Earth. Its mission - to overthrow this self-nominated king.

The main properties of the game Super Mustache platformer:

- Fun gameplay for 15 long levels

- Beautiful design with retro-style graphics

- Control is adjusted according to your requirements

- The ability to save your game

Negative characteristics of the game Super Mustache platformer:

- A significant resemblance to the game "Mario"

Summary: excellent platformer that his likeness to the game "Mario" is nostalgic. If you belong to lovers of retro style platformer in this game for you, download, you will not regret.


Download Super Mustache platformer apk Free 33.86 MB version 1.3

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