Flail Rider


Flail Rider - a very cheerful game for android platform, realized in the genre of arcade games, where you have to destroy the city with the car, to which a large mace, ie spiked ball on a chain. Such a large mace able to destroy everything - buildings and structures, trees and so on.

Your task is to destroy as many buildings in the absence of the laws of physics. Location is passed, if you have destroyed all the buildings completely. Your car can knock down trees and all sorts of stuff on the road, and in front of the need to dramatically turn around, so the mace went into a skid and hit the building. It must be admitted that this is not very easy, because the car is moving pretty quickly, and it is difficult to manage, especially when the mace swinging from side to side. Furthermore, you can not slow down. no time limit, but you have to start all over again after each accident.

Destroying buildings in three locations, it is possible to open two more city, more difficult levels. You will have 50 cars, most of which are only available for 99 cents, and the rest can be unlocked during the game.

The main properties of the game Flail Rider:

- A simple but very original gameplay

- You need to destroy three cities

- Three formats locations - winter, the lawn and the desert

- Three categories of vehicles

- Pixel graphics

- Wide bonus system

- The best results are recorded on the leaderboard table

- For the game do not have to pay

Negative features of the game:

- Has Donat, but little

Summary: You will surely love the original gameplay and a very cheerful atmosphere of the game, which could not be better cope with the role of "spare time killer."


Download Flail Rider apk Free 34.34 MB version 1.0.0

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