Risky Road


Risky Road - a game for android in the style of racing platform, rather, survival, because you have to hold out as long as possible on the track, which is a classic figure eight.

Gameplay is to tear along the bottom of the figure eight and in its upper part also will race car. If you get in an accident at the site of contact circles will have to start the race again. The number of laps that you have managed to pass, is registered. You can slow down and speed up, skipping into the free space in the traffic. Traffic signals are not present.

Each new round of increased level of complexity, since a growing number of cars on the upper circle, which are beginning to move in different directions. Your car will also change direction.

The main properties of Risky Road games:

- Race for survival

- A classic route in the form of eight

- Beautiful design in pixel art

- Lack of Donati, will have to earn their own

- For the game do not have to pay

- A sufficiently high level of complexity

- The best results are recorded in the records of the table

Negative properties Risky Road games:

- Banner ads at the bottom of the screen, which can be turned off for one dollar

Summary: a very positive game with new original contest, which you will be able to captivate the beautiful design and a relatively high complexity.

Download Risky Road apk Free 15.08 MB version 1.0

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