Star Knight

Game Arcade platformer slashers


Star Knight - a great game for the android platform from LeftRight Korean developer, which is made ​​in the most popular among the authors of the genre - the genre of platforming.

What characterizes a platform, in a storyline used kidnapping, but not the princess, as usual, and the sun, and his subsequent search and liberation. After living for years in the dark, your main character could not resist and went in search of light, taking with him the beloved, who died at the hands of a dangerous enemy, because the sun release process is burdened by severe vendetta. Your character will take a long and dangerous journey, full of traps and battles with violent enemies and bosses.

The main properties of Star Knight game:

- Gameplay on a variety of beautiful levels

- Beautiful design with outstanding design

- Convenient and thoughtful management

- A large number of items and search for treasures

- The opportunity to fight with steep bosses

- The possibility of a hero and the enemy

Negative properties of Star Knight game:

- Paid game - a discounted rate of 66% a little less than a dollar, but without the discount - about two

- The absence of a trial version

Summary: a good time to download this great platformer, while it offers a tangible discount.


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