Legacy Quest


Legacy Quest - a game for android platform, realized in the genre of role-playing games. I must say that the game - not "ephemeral", and be able to inspire some for weeks, and some even for months.

First game you may seem rather trivial, since you'll be running around, fight monsters in dungeons, earn money and experience. In going from one dungeon to another, you can go to the city to prepare for the next meeting with the monsters. But there is a caveat, which is that you can ever lose his pumped hero. But this can happen if the character dies, which happens quickly, especially at high levels. In this case, you have two alternatives: the first - to say goodbye to them and to re-start by conducting a new character into the underground, and the second - to revive it with a certain shower, which very few and not all they are, they can be bought for Donat. Even for Donato to buy equipment and various potions that increase the survival rate of the hero.

The main properties of Legacy Quest game:

- Battle with various monsters

- Drawing in the style of Minecraft

- Three types of main characters - a warrior, archer and mage

- An opportunity to improve his hero

- Free download

Negative properties Legacy Quest game:

- Extensive Donat

Summary: The fine line between players takes place just at the moment of death of the hero, because for someone only begins the most fascinating, and someone just wipe the game from your device. It is easy to check which category of users you belong.


Download Legacy Quest apk Free 21.25 MB version 0.3.23

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