Angry Birds Action!


Angry Birds Action -! Game for android platform, which is based on the Angry Birds movie, so you have the opportunity to touch the world of birds and save the birds' eggs. In order to save the bird eggs will bounce like a ball from the walls and overcome on his way various obstacles.

Gameplay takes place on 90 levels where you have to pick up the eggs with perches, which are easily destroyed, to protect the chicks and collect your items.

Features and functions provided by the game are as follows. First, you can send Reda and his pack of friends to overcome obstacles in order to save the eggs and find the items that will be able to render invaluable service.

Second, you can play as the main characters of the film: Reda, Chuck, Bomb and Terence. Playing for Reda, you can rip to shreds obstacles for Chuck - very quickly to overcome the obstacles of the bomb - all explode and destroy all of Terence.

To open a new area in the game and see an exclusive clip from the film, you need to take with you to watch the film Angry Birds your mobile device to download on his game, wait for the credits to the end of the movie and play the game Angry Birds Action. What happens, you will be pleasantly surprised.

More on toys LEGO Angry Birds, at McDonalds, in movie theaters and many other places you can meet around the icons, the so-called ptitsekody, scan the who, you can get in the game Angry Birds Action access to the new features, mini-games, gain and bonuses .


Download Angry Birds Action! apk Free 34.52 MB version 1.8.0

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