Groove Planet


Groove Planet - game for android platform from the developer Animoca Brands, famous for adventure Astroboya and other game projects. The game is made in the genre of the music and the clicker is designed to beautify your life, filling it with beautiful music.

Events in the game take place on a distant planet, which is inhabited by creatures who love to listen to music. You will manage this planet, becoming its governor, and your task is to increase the audience listening to the music, and most importantly - to make money. To do this at your disposal an old radio tower that can accept a signal only one music station from space interior.

Your task - to click on the screen in time with the music, performing steep DJ function. The more accurately you do it, the more money you earn and the more listeners you joined. If dissemble, fly space plate and carry a few listeners. However, you may have time to click on a UFO. This means that you destroyed it.

And the money that you earn, you should not put a "rainy day", it is better to use for the modernization of radio towers that will allow you to reach a wider audience and make more money through better broadcasting and receiving new signals.

The main properties of Groove Games Planet:

- Original design

- Thoughtful gameplay

- Easy management

- Excellent music and sound

Negative properties Groove Games Planet:

- A slight Donat

Summary: we must admit that in recent years is one of the best gaming projects implemented in the musical genre of the clicker.

Download Groove Planet apk Free 51.63 MB version 1.0.1

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