Rope Racers


Rope Racers - cheerful and dynamic game for the android platform, made ​​in the genre of arcade games, in which you try to run the first (on foot!) To the finish line. will run on circular routes.

The game supports the following game modes. Career Mode, which acts as the campaign heats and free mode, which has two components. The first component - free races against the computer, where the winner gets a little coin and experience. These coins can be spent on a second component, where the races are held with other players and you must make an entry fee. The winner will get the entire jackpot. Playing with real actors makes the game more excitement.

Control of the game is quite simple and convenient, so easy to carry out races, just the time you need to use the rope, so as not to collide with obstacles and overcome other features level. rope buildup contributes to more rapid movement.

Making some doubts, because it is very simply done. To ensure dynamic, cool graphics little relevant, because it will be put forward higher requirements for the device.

The main properties of the game Rope Racers:

- Original races using ropes

- Excellent dynamic properties

- Easy management

- A large number of actors

- Online support

- The ability to compete with real actors

Negative characteristics of the game Rope Racers:

- The presence of Donati

- Simple graphics, doubt

- The world is not rich

- The lack of interaction with rivals

Summary: a great project for those who are attracted by the dynamics of the gameplay and the ability to compete with other participants.

Download Rope Racers apk Free 37.79 MB version 1.1.5

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