BARRIER X - game for android in the genre of arcade platform game in which you have to manage something like a paper airplane or a flying triangle. To be honest, in this case it does not matter, because what is happening is incredible speed. At the simplest level, and at a very low speed to react almost impossible.

We should give developers, they knew what they were doing, because it is difficult to imagine how the human eye is able to perceive what is happening with increasing speed. Appears on the display «CRASHE» means that you have failed and did not pass the level. You often will see the inscription.

The main properties of the game BARRIER X:

- The gameplay is divided into 7 levels

- The passage of the level - 60 seconds. (Which is practically impossible)

- Management involves only turns left and right

- 30 seconds. - Unlock new levels

- Every 15 seconds. - Increase the speed of what is happening

- Great sound

- No in-game purchases

- The opportunity to participate in contests

- Rating results

Negative characteristics of the game BARRIER X:

- The presence of advertising

- Donat, which may disable ad

- Modest decoration

Is the game and the other rules, such as a control, which will give you the opportunity to turn either to the right or to the left, no other choice. If you can hold out at 30 seconds, it will allow you to unlock the next level, but do not go through this. As I have written, it is required for the passage of 60 seconds, which seems unrealistic, especially if we consider that every 15 seconds will increase the speed of what is happening.

Summary: A game that is able to swallow you whole, because the passion to pass all levels shall be great, and will you be able to practically implement their desire to check yourself.


Download BARRIER X apk Free 32.85 MB version 1

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