Protect The Planet


Protect The Planet - game for android platform from Ketchapp developer with sufficient high tsrovnem complexity, but at the same time with a simple and intuitive geymleya. Your task is quite a difficult, although it is implemented simply, it is to protect the planet from asteroids flying purposefully. Each hit the asteroid into the planet will force you to start from the beginning. The game is not designed for a long pastime, because you can not hold out for a long time, which is quite usual for projects of this developer.

The planet is located in the center of the playing field, and it constantly attacking asteroids. H who, except you will not be able to protect the planet, because there is no life on it. However, the planet has its armor-piercing satellite, which can be controlled by turning on the orbit of the planet at different speeds and discouraging asteroids. planet satellite rotates in one direction at a normal speed. To change the direction of rotation, is granted by the need on the screen, but in order to increase the speed of rotation, should be to keep your finger on the screen. On this basis, we can say one hundred management implemented simply and clearly.

The bonus system is made in such a way that from the fragments of broken asteroids can get two of their kind - the first blows all around, and the second - freezes. And he and the other slows down the speed of the asteroid. In both upper corners of the screen is statistics: in the left - counting downed asteroids, and the right - the number of collected coins.

Among the main features of the game Protect The Planet can be identified:

- Flawless animation

- Intuitive gameplay

- Easy operation

Negative characteristics of the game Protect The Planet:

- Small Donat

- advertising

- Lack of opportunities to put the game on pause

- The absence of a soundtrack

Summary: decent game, especially for those who are not afraid of complexity to an end.


Download Protect The Planet apk Free 24.4 MB version 0.9.0

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