Alto's Adventure


Alto's Adventure - a game for android platform, made ​​in the genre of arcade games, it should be noted very exciting arcade. It would be more correct to classify the game Runner, because the gameplay is endless, but the 2D format in which the game is not typical for this genre.

The game take place in a small mountain village, it is very convenient to snowboard, so the main character by the name of Alto - snowboarder. In the game there are other characters - a llama, wonderful animals that are in trouble. Your task - to save the poor lamas. The process of salvation is quite simple. You need to ride a snowboard Lama thoroughly, after which it is considered to be saved.

The whole gameplay is that you will go down, collecting coins along the way, llamas and saving while carrying out various tricks. If you can get a special suit "flying squirrels", you will be able to experience and enjoy the unique sensations of flight.

Time flies in the game fast and exciting. Once you try, you're unlikely to be able to part with it, and there are a number of reasons. Firstly, the game is framed with a rustic but attractive graphics and stunning animations, and secondly, you will not see repeated picture, because they are generated anew each time, and third, there is a constant change of obstacles, jumps, time of day and weather conditions.

The main properties of the game Alto's Adventure:

- Excellent design in a beautiful graph

- Competent physicist

- Excellent sound and music

- Automatic generation level with landscapes

- Six different characters

- Day and night

- Different weather conditions

- A lot of tricks

- About 200 achievements

- The ability to challenge your friends

- Statistics of results

Summary: arcade game, which does not get tired and give you pleasure and a lot of positive emotions, because it is designed as a true masterpiece, and the fact that the game can be downloaded free of charge, making it even more attractive.


Download Alto's Adventure apk Free 46.44 MB version 1

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