Soldiers Rambo 3: Sky mission


Soldiers Rambo 3: Sky mission - game for android platform, which will take you into the jungle, where you are waiting for unpleasant and dangerous meeting with evil mercenaries. Your task is to free the location of numerous enemies and not allow the enemy to capture the jungle. To overcome obstacles and dodge enemy fire, you need to perform jumps, and to repel the attacks of the air assault - use of a heavy machine gun. At your disposal a lot of weapons to choose from. This is a sharp knife, and guns, and assault rifles, and other weapons.

The main properties of the game Soldiers Rambo 3: Sky mission:

- Registration with the use of graphics in a retro style

- Clear and simple operation

- A huge number of levels

- A wide arsenal of weapons

Download Soldiers Rambo 3: Sky mission apk Free 18.84 MB version 1.0

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