Stickman Revenge: Shadow Run


Stickman Revenge: Shadow Run --runner game for android platform, created by developer Zonmob Tech, JSC, who is the author of many games in different genres - this and other runners, and a children's arcade and the defense towers, and much more.. The game is a continuation of stories drawn little man, who, by the way, is very popular. Despite the fact that, as such, the storyline is missing, but it is known that it is necessary to visit the five dangerous spots to neutralize the effect of magic, some kind of an evil witch, so you need to run, avoiding obstacles such as flying axes or sticking out of the ground spikes and collecting coins along the way and stay alive.

The game is made in a simple 2D graphics, in addition it must be noted that many tricks, movement and design borrowed in other games. Originality made to the gameplay is that it is possible to run on the other side of the road, where your reflection. Thus, you can not come across obstacles that can not jump, and collect more coins. You the option to use multiple characters, each of which has exceptional properties and skills, which can be pumped.

The main properties of the game Stickman Revenge: Shadow Run:

- Platform runner

- Campaign mode - five major locations

- Registration in a simple 2D graph

- Familiar and intuitive mechanics

- Diverse system of bonuses and gains

- Support for infinity mode

Negative characteristics of the game Stickman Revenge: Shadow Run:

- Small Donat

Summary: a fairly simple and trivial runner who can be called a compilation of good ideas that are contained in different games.


Download Stickman Revenge: Shadow Run apk Free 31.45 MB version 0.0.8

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